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Being one of the most populous metropolitan area in Vietnam, Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh formerly known as Saigon to this day, the population of more than 10 million currently was a capital of the French Colony of Cochinchina and later of the Independent Republic of South Vietnam. (1955-1975)

In 1976, Saigon merged with the surrounding Gia Dinh Province and was officially renamed as Ho Chi Minh after the revolutionary leader Mr Ho Chi Minh.

Currently, planning is underway for Tien Gang Province and Long An Province to become part of the Ho Chi Minh Metropolitan Area. It is estimated that this 30,000 square kilometres will have a population of 20 million by the year 2020.

Ho Chi Minh City is a municipal of the same level as Vietnam’s Provinces, which is subdivided into 24 district level sub-divisions as of 2003.

1. Cu Chi
2. Hoc Mon
3. Binh Chan
4. Nha Be
5. Can Gio

19 urban districts (494 square kilometres), designated urban or suburban (quan):

Please click on the links to be redirected to Wikipedia on the individual districts.

District 1     District 2     District 3      District 4     District 5      District 6     District 7
District 8     District 9     District 10    District 11  District 12    Go Vap       Tan Binh
Tan Phu      Binh Thanh  Phu Nhuan   Thu Duc     Bin Tan

Why invest in Vietnam?
This is a question that many already know the answer to. As I am not qualified to answer your question, you may be interested in reading some quotes from various external sources. Reason is simple, these articles included may facilitate your decisions in making purchases or selling.

“This year’s Investment Prospects survey shows a strong shift away from last year’s favorites, which featured core markets in Japan and Australia, in favor of emerging-market destinations, including in particular India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.” Source: PWC Publications 2017

 “Vietnam is another emerging-market play that is drawing a lot of attention. As one investor put it: “I think if you asked in terms of any of the emerging markets, Vietnam will be well ahead of the pack from virtually all investors’ perspectives.” Economically, the story is similar to China’s. The course it is charting covers similar ground, with a multitude of light manufacturing facilities producing goods for export. Growth in Vietnam is likely to accelerate primarily because it is seen as an ideal alternative to manufacturing in China, where costs are rising and the business environment has become more challenging for foreign investors.” Source: ASIA Urban Land Institute

Source of picture: Cushman & Wakefield APAC Forecase Report. Click on Picture to read more.

Hotel in District 1 HCMC

Owners of this development were building a hotel with a service level and mezzanine.


Mixed Dev. District 3  

Combination of 4 levels of retail outlets and a planned 4m height project of 16 levels.

Da Nang Bay

Lots of land and actual projects that are available for grabs IF you know the right people!

Feel free to contact me should you want to build or invest here!


Time and tide awaits none

Do this in your lifetime, and leave it behind for your kith and kin.