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Highly Directional Sound System (HDSS)

A specific beam of sound that you could use to send a message or impress. Sound travels in omni-directions? Not today! It is now possible to point it like a torchlight. On-demand, where you want it to be!  

Highly Directional Sound System

Brings your gallery to life! Resolves sound interference issues.


A reputed Customer

This sounds like its “in our heads”. This is mind-blowing! Come help us see where we can install it!

Confinement of the sound waves within a circle is now possible!

Highly dependable in aiding your customers to make a “sound” choice in selecting YOUR products!

Who’s qualified to say you’re adding to noise pollution anymore?!

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We love to amaze people! That is just what we do!  

Feel free to contact us now to get yourself amazed with a free, obligation free, fun, exciting...DEMO!!!

Doing the fun things in life; in business!

- Samuel Heng